Saturday, 30 August 2008

Let's kill sejarah
Esp Chapter 6 of form 4
*stabs book with knife*

I conclude, Myspace is evil :

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Part 4

read part 1 2 and 3 below first

"But sir", weslet stammered. "The school rules ban us from being together!"
"I know that's why if I kill you we can be together for eternity", said Mr Heah as he took the blade and placed it on Wesleys neck.
At that moment, Wesley knew any rebellience towards Mr Heah will cause him to drag that blade.
"Ok, Wesley, are you ready? I am but...", suddenly blood came out from Mr Heah's mouth.
Mr Heah stopped and Wesley took advantage to step back. Mr Heah fell to the ground and there stood Miss Junie. Wesley couldnt believe his eyes, why would SHE save him!
Miss Junie Screamed and said, "I do everything for you! but you people never do anything for me! you dont respect me! But...Wesley...for you...I'd do anything Wesley..."
"Wait, let me get this straight, you BOTH have a crush on me?"
"Well, not crush, more like madly in love, and now..NOW, youre all mine!"
"What makes you think I'll accept a MAD lady?"
"You have no choice," Said Junie as she slowly crept towards him but suddenly a few policemen came and pinned her to the ground.
"WHY", Junie Screamed, "All I wanted was to be loved. COME ON!"
The police took her to a mental ward as Wesley sat on the bench thinking about what a day it has been. Looking around the room, eyeing the sunset, he thought, waking up isn't always a blessing...


Comments and Questions (if any) on tagboard

If you want to see the characters pictures, lemme know, Im taking my camera to school on friday :D:D:D:D


Lots of love

le' awesomness!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008



READ PART 1 and PART 2 below first

Wesley started to run and ran into the schools compound eventhough policemen tried to stop him. He had gone half insane and dotty and wished that this was all a dream, he looked back but Mr Heah was gone. He walked into Mr Heah's office and heard Mr Siaw and Miss Chang talking. Both of them were prattling aimlessly about raising llamas in Finland. But it got serious when Miss Chang asked Mr Siaw,
"so you really think it was Madam Yeoh [the principal] that killed those students? I thought it was Madam Chin."
"Think about it, why would Madam yeoh want to kill them when she lives on their fees", replied Mr Siaw.
"I dont know, I think it's really weird. We better go before people get suspicious"
"ok! so call you tonight?", Mr Siaw said with a wink.
They left the room and Wesley decided to check Madam Yeohs office for clues. When he arrived, he tried to open the door but DARN! it was locked. He heard someone about to come out, he ran behind the office desk and waited. Friction of the floor and shoes made sucking sounds and they were in rhythm with his heartbeat. It was Puan Syamala! With her powdered face, she could pass of as a ghost just hanging around. He sneaked into Madam Yeoh's office abd decided to check the surveillance camera tapes. While searching in the dark, he felt strings, strings almost like hair. He picked it up and it was Afiq's head!

He almost fainted but her gathered up enough strength to dart out but was caught by Pn Syamala.
"Wesley, what's going on? I does not like this at all", said Pn Syamala.
Immediately she suspected wesley to be behind the killing!
"Wesley", she said, "I'm going to ave to report this. Whatever you're doing to your classmates doesnt look nice"
"", uttered Wesley.
"No", but then he saw Mr Heah, lurking in the corner with a knife, stained with blood dripping from its blades end. When Mr Heah caught them looking, he hurriedly replied "i found it in the toilet!"
But it was too late, Mr Heah ran at Pn syamala with the knife and stabbed her - Wesley witnessed it and ran as fast as he could and hid in the girls toilet. "OH MY GOD, why would he do that!", Wesley screamed in his brain.

He waited till it was silent and wondered how many people had already died- why?!
But he knew Wesley saw him out of love he just couldnt take wesleys life just yet. Wesley ran to the carpark and saw Cho Chia's car engine running, he opened the door only to find Cho Chia dead with blood splattered all over the windows. All over his hands were cuts spelling 'welsey' 'wesley'. He heard a faint sound of the piano playing so he rushed towards the piano but as he was nearing it, it abruptly stopped. The 3am wind sent chills down his spine and a glimmer caught his eye. Wooi Nian lied dead on the piano-another one...gone. The white keys on the piano were decorated by dots of blood. Some how, just like Kino, Wesley heard music - the song of death. Sobbing like a baby he just fell on the floor, giving up.
He noticed something behind the piano, a hand! On the hand he saw a bracelet engraved
'SLSL'. He knew Soo Lip had drifted towards the obscure.
'why everyone but me! what does Mr heah want from me' he screamed in his head, who wasn't dead, who was the next victim when suddenly he remembered Yee Yean was absent- Yee Yean was at home! Immediately he dialled Yee Yeans number while looking for a place to hide. The phone line was dead. As he redialled, yee Yean's Body hung down right infront of him...smiling.
No no! it couldnt be! What is going on! He felt a tap. A cold hand crept over his neck and a voice said, "Wesley, we will be forever together. We will die together and spend eternity together. I love you Wesley. I ♥ you very much"
"Who could it be?", he thought.
Then, the scent of Mr Heahs cologne spread through the air and reached Wesleys nose...

To be continued...

Monday, 25 August 2008



part 2

"Well Wesley, if you know where he is, please tell me. his parents are very worried. you can go now"
As Wesley turned around, he swore he saw Mr Heah's face plastered with a subtle smile. Wesley shrugged it off and went to find his classmates- maybe they knew something he didnt. To his surprise he found Ivan's school tie -SOAKED IN BLOOD! But after further inspection, he realized it was just ink -ALOT of red ink. WOW! why would someone do that to Ivan, thousands of questions rushing through his head! He quickly climbed the stairs to his classroom and approached Nicholas to ask him if he knew anything about what happened to Ivan.
Nicholas was shivering and appeared pale, he uttered, "IiiiVaaannn...isss...Hung in...the Janitors closet"
Wesley rushed to the janitors closet and in his mind he kept telling himself it cant be. its not true. It wasn't until he smelt the stench and snowy white feet dangling down defying gravity. Ivan was gone - forever. Wesley broke down in tears attracting a crowd!
"There there Wesley, its ok. You better go back to class", said a sobbing Mr Heah.
His hands seem to be rubbing too much and it lingered on other parts of his body.

Wesley quickly got up and went to class quickly to find Nicholas. His feet seem to be dragging him and when he found Nic, he collapsed in his arms with many people witnessing it. Cho Chia, Christopher and Chou Yong gathered around to comfort Wesley. They all rolled their eyes because they thought that crying was a very sissy thing to do. Suddenly, Lin Kai came in class and told Nicholas that Mr Heah wanted to see him. Again?! he thought, what's up with him? He's starting to creep me out!

Wesley was having a conversation with his classmates when Johnny came in screaming "Nic is dead! Nic...OMG...Mr Heah! " and ran off before anyone could ask him anything. Mr Heah seemed to be wiping some liquid on his pants while in a daze.
"Mr Heah, where's Johnny? He said something about you and something about Nic being dead..sir" asked Wesley in panic. Surprisingly, Mr Heah was very calm and whispered comforting words to Wesley.

Wesley was walking to class when he heard a whimper coming from an empty classroom. Without hesitation, he kicked open the door, but all he could see was piles and piles of newspaper! And he heard a voice, "Wes..Wesley...It''". He followed the voice which slowly trailed off. And there he saw Johnny with blows to his head, bad bruises and laying in a pool of red thick blood. He told Wesley that he was attacked from behind and he couldnt see the attackers face but he smelt strangely like Mr Heah's cologne. Johnny somehow said that there was a witness who escaped...Lin Kai.

While dialing 911, Wesley searched every corner of the school to find that long lean figure. When he went to the toiler, the was Lin Kai brutally killed along with some of his friends, Christopher, Alex, Chou Yong and Melvin- All dead! All their faces were drowned in toilet bowls in different cubicles and on their bodies were colourful glitter. Wesley couldn't take it, it was too overwhelming, all his friends...dead - He blacked out.

By the time he woke up, he could see policemen everywhere and almost every student was evacuated. He saw Mr Heah standing in the distance looking at the school while talking to a policeman. All Wesley wanted to do was to get home because every living soul in the school is now a suspect. Mr Heah noticed Wesley and shot him a glance and started walking towards him and Wesley noticed Mr Heah wearing a familiar watch- Chee Chiang's watch! Wesley tried to evade him and kept walking because when Mr Heah was near, he could smell the smell of the halls of hospitals emitting from him...

Mabel and Honey's version of PROM NIGHT
you use our spoof, we'll sue you. COPYRIGHT BITCHES xD



One dark gloomy night, one day before SPM, Wesley was at McDonalds watching a football game...alone. With eyes glued to the TV, this innocent and ignorant being didn't know what fate had plan for him. In the shadows, something lurked, watching his every move...but he was to ignorant to notice. The eyes of the shadows followed his every sigh, every blink and every twist. The shadow crept closer and closer and Wesley felt hot breath near his neck. Reluctantly, his muscles move and collide as his pupils dilated and adrenaline rushed from his head to toe, then BAM! The table nearby fell. It brought him back to earth, they body he felt behind him was just his harmless loving teacher, Mr Heah.
"wesley, I never knew you were a football fan", Mr Heah asked tapping Wesleys shoulder.
"Hey Sir, Come and join me", as Wesley gestured to Mr Heah.
They both enjoyed the match till 4 am when Mr Heah Suggested that Wesley go home and get some sleep before the exam and wesley agreed. Mr Heah didn't take his eyes off wesley, like how a cat looks at a mouse. Wesley drove home and Mr Heah watched and gave him a grin before he himself drove to his regular life.

"Bringgg!" the school bell alarmed! Wesley just walked through the gates and ran as fast as he could to the hall for his SPM exam which was just about to start. He halted when he saw Mr Heah sobbing all by himself near the lockers.
"Good luck for your exam Wesley. You better hurry. I told the examiners to wait for my favorite student", Me heah said with a wink.
Wesley hurried down the hallway but his mind still wondering about Mr Heah. The exam started and he scrambled to his seat and as soon as his bottom touched the chair, the examiner said "YOU MAY START NOW".
Almost immediately cause it must have been immediately because Wesley didn't even puck up his pencil, Mr Heah screamed his name!

But it was only a dream; he scrambled out of bed and rushed to school but everything he dreamt seem to be coming true-Deja Vu! He trotted down for breakfast, expecting the same old milk and cereal but he has a visitor, the last person he expected to see! It was Ivan! He had come over to celebrate the victory of their favorite team and about a dream he had about a psycho killer trying to stab him in the chest. They decided it was too late to carry on the discussion in the house and decided that it would be better to start their journey in school. Their laughter turned into fear as they both suspected eyes burning holes in them. Mr Heah was i the car next to him. Driving at walking speed, he laughed maniacally and Wesley together with Ivan shrugged.

They reached school in the nick of time and ran to the hall just like Wesley's dream, Mr Heah was sobbing all by himself near the lockers. To his horror he hugged Ivan really tightly and blanked out. He wokr up in the exam hall. Someone had strategically placed him at his table...but who? How? His eyes frantically searching for Ivan, but he was no where in sight, shockingly in his hands he saw a note saying 'see me' signed by Mr Heah. He got up, all dizzy and made his way to Mr Heah's office by the deserted corridor. As he was dragging himself it was as if a force was pulling him and he just turned the knob of Mr Heah's office, he heard a sexy-saxophone jazz like music with the cooling effect from the air cond.
"Wesley, sit down, I have some bad news to tell you", said Mr Heah gesturing to the chair opposite him, "you see Wesley, Ivan has gone missing. He went to the toilet during his exam and never cam back. Do you have any idea where he is?"
Wesley gasped and immediately thought of places where Ivan could be hiding, could it be in the toilet? Janitors closet? Where? WHERE?!

to be continued...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Listen up, this is something that seriously bugs the hell out of me
I actually USE the status signal thingy on MSN
So if I'm BUSY
and you say HI
and I dont feel like replying BECAUSE I'm busy
or when I start to reply ONE WORD answers

The bottom line is:
Unless youre
1. May
2. Ranj
3. Ben (aka Bunny #9)
4. Jessica
5. Ivan
6. Nav
7. Mabel
8. Kesh
9. Mahesh
10. MY Sis Natasha



sad eh

Im proud of this edit.It's one of the best ive done.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tagggedd by EIVANNE(who refuses to accept the fact that THAT is his other 3rd name)

Three names you go by :
1. Honey
2. Han
3. Haneesha

Three screen names you have had :
1. Honey
2. +++Honey+++
3. Haneesha

Three physical things you like about yourself :
1. My ass LOL (sings, whatchugonnado with all that junk, all that junk, inside your trunk...)
2. My...uhr...eyes?
3. My uhr, feet?

Three physical things you DONT like about yourself :
1. My height
2. My weight
3. My glasses wearingism

Three parts of your heritage :
1. Mongolian
2. Pakistani
3. Punjabi

Three things that scare you :
1. Death
2. BUGs! esp roaches! I a girl man!
3. SPM :

Three of your everyday essentials :
1. Handphone
2. Bed
3. Water

Three things you are wearing now :
1. School uni SHirt
2. School Uni Skirt
3. Specs

Three of your favourite bands or musical arts :
1. Katy Perry
2. Ashlee Simpson (she cant sing, she cant dance, but she got some pretty good tracks)
3. The Script

Three of your favourite songs (right now) :
1. The Man Who Cant Be Moved - The Script
2. You're so gay-Katy Perry
3. Closer-Neyo

Three things you want in a relationship :
I dont want a relationship at this point.

Three physical things about the preffered sex that appeals to you :
2. shoulders
3. smile

Three of your hobbies :
1. Sleep
2. eat

Three things you wanna do really badly right now :
1. Sleep
2. Study
3. Finish Script

Three carreers you're considering / considered before :
1. Fashion buyer /designer
2. Veterinarian
3. business moghul

Three places you want to go on vacation :
1. Manchester, England
2. Florida/California, USA
3. anywhere in Europe

Three things you want to do before you die :
1. Canada-northern lights
2. Egypt-Pyramids
3. Italy

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl/guy :
1. I worry about how I look sometimes
2. I care about being hygenic...all the time
3. I scream when theres a bug :(

I tag
Anyone (:
(kesh, U HAVE TO DO THIS. bwahaha!)

Monday, 18 August 2008

There's something wrong with me
and I dont mean that in a good way.
I finally managed to write my script last night, and sure, it's not exactly the best thing in the world because I was heavily influenced by medication, but it's not bad.
I took my medicine, and decided to sleep.
I slept pretty early last night, by 11.30pm i was K.O-ed.
Thank god for medicines that make you sleep.
And just my luck, thunder woke me up.
At 2.34am I woke up because of that bastard thunder
And being in this insomniac phase that I am in, I couldn't sleep back
And I expected to fall asleep by at LEAST 4am but nope I was still awake
and my flu got worse. My flu isnt those normal ones you know, its those irritating leaky ones ==
I have tissues all over my room, YAY GERMS!
So, tossing and turning, and tossing summore, my mind was awake.
I hate having insomia. I had it last year, and it's not a fun thing to have!
Like Calvin said, everyone claims to have insomnia, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT INSOMIA IS.
this is insomnia. I cant fall asleep and if I do, and ter-wake up I cant sleep back.
Ive hardly slept since Wednesday.
Oh gosh.
So my mom woke up right, and I was awake before she actually woke me and that's really unusual! I told her my lack of sleepness and she said I shouldn't go to school. So, I think it's for the better anyway. I have a physics talk thing today, I just msged Ivan about it, but I haven't gotten a reply yet... If he can pick me from my place and we go gether gether, GREAT if not, Ill ask my mom to send me there. I mean, I cant miss this talk la.
So after msging Ivan, I went down to have milk with panadol and Clarines (is that how you spell it?).
Milk = Magensium = sleeping properties? + Clarines= gorggy-ness + panadol
I still cant sleep.
It's approximately 6.44am
And this sucks so bad. I need my sleep. I can die if I dont get it wei! Seriously. Die of exhaustion + stess + lack of sleep + flu.
well, at LEAST my script it done.
Oh Ivan, please reply my sms :(
And everyone who's reading this, if there's anyone
please pray I get better soon! by wednesday the latest!
I cant be all flu-ish and groggy when I speak.
Instead of saying a very good morning Ill probably be like
I Ab veby gob motbing...

Love from the insomniac,

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Remember how I didn't want my immune system to fail me?
Ding ding ding ding
It has.
I have
a flu
a fever
a sorethroat

Awesome right?

First It was just the insomnia, now it has morphed into this.
I need sleep. I need rest. I need to relax. But can I?
I have:
Sejarah to complete
Add Math to complete
My script to write
Physics talk to go for
Editiorial stuff to complete

It always happens, the time that I need to be the well most, is the time I get the sick most. ==

So now, groggy and unable to concentrate, I;ve decided to blog.
I think maybe the glare of my computer screen will keep me awake? or wake me up?
Because I feel sooo groggy (damn medication) that I can and actually am about to drop dead and die, but I know if I sleep now, I can't sleep at night. gosh. gosh. gosh.


Sometimes I think the non-existant god hates me.

Friday, 15 August 2008

The stress is on.
Today I was on this BM website la (yes, I use the Internet to study) and they CONVENIENTLY put how many days there is left for SPM.
87 people.
That's like FAST
I never knew it was so near, so, I have been preparing, but somehow after my birthday, it seems a whole lot nearer. Just thinking about the day is making me nervous.
and Ive been having panic attacks and I have alot going on right now so I have the right to have a panic attack and meltdowns.
Nav said I needed to talk to someone, but I dont think that'll help, I shall instead, blog about it.
Ok, so here it goes, It's gonna be long and all of you dont have to read it.
And you're probably gonna think I'm some screwed up person but, I told ya, YOU DONT HAVE TO READ IT

SPM is so near, omg, I cant believe the months just flew. It's like, where did the year go? I feel prepared and not prepared at the same time. I want to study but nothing goes it. I feel blank. I have insomnia, i cant sleep, my mind is always awake. Thinking. Going through things. and Ive gotten to a stage of like, when I think of something and i dont know the answer I have to find out what it is-even if its something like what is biochemical oxygen demand or why to peoples eye colour change when they grow old. My curiosity has gotten the best of me. I want to badly to be the top in my school, be my schools valedictorian, I mean, how often can one say that they are a valedictorian. And now I'm so close to it and yet also so far. I have also my parents to please, my sister to beat (sorry sash xD ) and myself to please. I can't imagine result day, I dont want to be sad, I don't want to regret. I want to be proud of what I got, because I know whatever I did, whatever I got, I tried my best. Other than studies, school is a total waste of time now. I am soo not 100% prepared for my trials, I mean, Ive finished some but there's still a few things left to cover. I'm in the editorial board and I'm not complaining, I love it but it's stressful coz we have a deadline and we also have to do the cover, talk to the printers, take pics, edit them. phew. And I hate my freakking weight, I think due to sitting alot and studying i've become a more passive person. I think i've loaded on a few pounds, well-at least it will be lost after spm. Another thing is that fact that was some ass on a forum who called me ugly. And you know, it's ok if someone calls u ugly once or twice but he kept harping on it ==. COMMMON. I try so hard to look at the positive. And BAM. this, I try so hard to not let it get to me. But, it does sometimes. In other news [felt like saying this], I also have this anemic + lock jaw thing going on. The doctor tot that the lockjaw was influenced by the anemia but it's still going on after 1 month of iron tablets. So, If it still happens after this second month ends, I'll have to get an x-ray [which will shorten my life by seconds, OMG] and I will be refereed to a specialist. It's scary because, I dont know what if it's serious? You can never be too sure. I volunteered myself for the SPCA public speaking competition-I really hope I win, that way I get to see Khan [for those of you who dont know Khan was a kitten I saved from death and nursed him back to health (with the help of the veterinarian of cozzzz] and with a heavy heart gave him to the SPCA. I miss him so much. Oh gosh, I sometimes still cry when I think of him even though he's been gone since May. He took a piece of my heart la, now that place is empty] and I think that if i win I'll probably donate the prize money (like 60% of it) to the SPCA. and the other 40% will go to me. I know, selfish of me right, but Im totally broke! On top of the "oh I'm trying to win" thing I also have writers block because of this stress. Phew. gosh. Someone help me! I have mixed feelings for spm, I forgot to mention that, im sure we all do. Sometimes Im like, "FUCK THIS EXAM! LETS GET IT OVER WITH" and mostly im saying stuff like "oh shit. I wish I had MORE TIME ". SO yeah, So dont blame me if im stressed. If I dont get my sleep, Ill go to a doctor for sleeping pills : I cant afford to get sick now. Please, immune system, dont screw up now.

The end.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I never understand what;s up with the world intentionally bringing other people down
Ok, so I know I'm not exactly the prettiest, tallest, thinnest girl around, but hey, I live.
People who go on judging others just based on looks are really mean.
If im Ugly, SO WHAT?
If shes pretty, SO WAHT?
not like the world is a worse/better place just because of that you know.
I think the future is gonna be a really shallow place and that's really saddening.
Common people, let's not be so quick to judge others before we can truly judge ourselves.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My aunty visits
if youknowwhaddaimean
and the painkillers are finished

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

There are many times in my life when I dont appreciate how good I have it.
I have the best parents in the world, and they're always supporting me no matter what. I think most of the time I forget this and I have a tendancy to always look at the glass half empty rahter than half full. No matter how silly my dreams are, they always encourage me to persue it, because, that's where you start. A dream. A dream sparks everything.
I've been wanting to do up my bedroom, because it's rectangular right and I absoultely hate it, well, now I do. There's nothing I can do with it because of the positions of th fan and bla and bla. And they promised me after SPM that they'll do up my room and I was thinking maybe just some new pieces of furniture and yada yada yada. But my mom told me that they're gonna get an interior designer just to do up my room. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I guess, it's not the big things like a car but a small thing like this that really tocuh your heart.

Mom, Dad,
I know you're probably never gonna read this but please know that I really love you and you're the best parents I could ask for. And I appreciate you guys every second of everyday. And I know you guys work hard to let me live this rockstar spoilt rich kid who gets everything she wants lifestyle. Thanks.

you're a irritating pest, but you're my sister. I HAVE to love you. JOKES. love u loads too!

well, yeah. That's about it. I just wanted to share with everyone and hope that everyone appreciates their family (:

Monday, 11 August 2008

Ok, people, listen up
If ever you have a zit
and you want to get rid of it
This is advice, PERSONALLY from me
I had this zit and I used Detttolll on it and like it dried up my skin so bad its peeling from different places + redness and I look like a friggin diseased person



Friday, 8 August 2008

I will sleep well
Why? Because I followed by dad on his Penang Hash House Harries 08.08.08 run
Now those of you who know me, know that I am an anemic stamina-les person that rather sleep than even walk to the kitchen when Im starving.
My dad told me and said it was an EASY run.
easy for them == THEY LIED
So it was at botanical gardens, all the way up the pondan trail
and higher
and higher
and higher
: and it was like friggin STEEP
And you know I went like 3/4 up and was practically DYING.
There was one point when I couldnt breathe. No exaggeration here, it's like oxygen wasn't enough.
and my mom said I looked terribly pale :
bllooody anemia :
So you know, my parents were worried, BUT I CARRIED ON!
I went up, rested went up.
And there was this dog from the nearby restaurant who has STAMINA WEI!
So freakkin cute!
Black and white and all spoottty! So I named her (i think its a her) On Spot :D
Half way when I was having my OMG I CANT BREATHE thing the dog waited on for me :D
Anyways, I went up up up up
and thn was so happy
and it was kinda cool. Steep. But cool.
There was one point that there was no trail but BILLIONS of rocks *exaggeration
and we had to cross over with the rock and rope and bla bal bla
And I was so happy
but it ended : we had to go up again
and guess who we saw taking a breather...ON SPOT!
Turns out she was there waiting for us!
So another sleep slope
bloody two hills man!
thn it was all down from there.
And we ended up in youth park, and walked back to the site
my SISTER was supposed to wait and tag with me but she DESSERTED me
But it was good. Im pooped out
Im gna sleep in a while!
Awesome run
I feel thin-er already
ok, maybe not
still. xD
This is gna sound so wrong: GO TO THE PONDAN TRAIL :D

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Ok, I know all of you will think this is a gay post but let me talk to you about my OBSESSIONS.
Celeb Crushes.

I used to have a seriously sick crush on Draco Malfoy (aka Tom Felton)
And he's so freakking hot!
Like seriously!
And it simmered down and stuff coz I had other things to concentrate on and I was just browsing online and BAM I found a tom felton pic on perez hilton and i was like "hmm, he ain't looking to bad"


And I managed to find his own youtube account
and the boy can SING

oh, how I go head over heels for a boy with an accent.

Give me a brit ANYDAY
Or something with an accent
I want him to serenade me

*jumps around aimlessly*



yummy yummy yummy

and and and

Gotta love the tall folk.
Tall = awesome!

I know it's totally lame about me, but i HAD to tell someone and since no one would listen *sad* I decided to blog about it. teehee

He wrote this song weeiii!
* so impressed *