Monday, 18 August 2008

There's something wrong with me
and I dont mean that in a good way.
I finally managed to write my script last night, and sure, it's not exactly the best thing in the world because I was heavily influenced by medication, but it's not bad.
I took my medicine, and decided to sleep.
I slept pretty early last night, by 11.30pm i was K.O-ed.
Thank god for medicines that make you sleep.
And just my luck, thunder woke me up.
At 2.34am I woke up because of that bastard thunder
And being in this insomniac phase that I am in, I couldn't sleep back
And I expected to fall asleep by at LEAST 4am but nope I was still awake
and my flu got worse. My flu isnt those normal ones you know, its those irritating leaky ones ==
I have tissues all over my room, YAY GERMS!
So, tossing and turning, and tossing summore, my mind was awake.
I hate having insomia. I had it last year, and it's not a fun thing to have!
Like Calvin said, everyone claims to have insomnia, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT INSOMIA IS.
this is insomnia. I cant fall asleep and if I do, and ter-wake up I cant sleep back.
Ive hardly slept since Wednesday.
Oh gosh.
So my mom woke up right, and I was awake before she actually woke me and that's really unusual! I told her my lack of sleepness and she said I shouldn't go to school. So, I think it's for the better anyway. I have a physics talk thing today, I just msged Ivan about it, but I haven't gotten a reply yet... If he can pick me from my place and we go gether gether, GREAT if not, Ill ask my mom to send me there. I mean, I cant miss this talk la.
So after msging Ivan, I went down to have milk with panadol and Clarines (is that how you spell it?).
Milk = Magensium = sleeping properties? + Clarines= gorggy-ness + panadol
I still cant sleep.
It's approximately 6.44am
And this sucks so bad. I need my sleep. I can die if I dont get it wei! Seriously. Die of exhaustion + stess + lack of sleep + flu.
well, at LEAST my script it done.
Oh Ivan, please reply my sms :(
And everyone who's reading this, if there's anyone
please pray I get better soon! by wednesday the latest!
I cant be all flu-ish and groggy when I speak.
Instead of saying a very good morning Ill probably be like
I Ab veby gob motbing...

Love from the insomniac,


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