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READ PART 1 and PART 2 below first

Wesley started to run and ran into the schools compound eventhough policemen tried to stop him. He had gone half insane and dotty and wished that this was all a dream, he looked back but Mr Heah was gone. He walked into Mr Heah's office and heard Mr Siaw and Miss Chang talking. Both of them were prattling aimlessly about raising llamas in Finland. But it got serious when Miss Chang asked Mr Siaw,
"so you really think it was Madam Yeoh [the principal] that killed those students? I thought it was Madam Chin."
"Think about it, why would Madam yeoh want to kill them when she lives on their fees", replied Mr Siaw.
"I dont know, I think it's really weird. We better go before people get suspicious"
"ok! so call you tonight?", Mr Siaw said with a wink.
They left the room and Wesley decided to check Madam Yeohs office for clues. When he arrived, he tried to open the door but DARN! it was locked. He heard someone about to come out, he ran behind the office desk and waited. Friction of the floor and shoes made sucking sounds and they were in rhythm with his heartbeat. It was Puan Syamala! With her powdered face, she could pass of as a ghost just hanging around. He sneaked into Madam Yeoh's office abd decided to check the surveillance camera tapes. While searching in the dark, he felt strings, strings almost like hair. He picked it up and it was Afiq's head!

He almost fainted but her gathered up enough strength to dart out but was caught by Pn Syamala.
"Wesley, what's going on? I does not like this at all", said Pn Syamala.
Immediately she suspected wesley to be behind the killing!
"Wesley", she said, "I'm going to ave to report this. Whatever you're doing to your classmates doesnt look nice"
"Bbu..t..pe..please...let..let...me..explain", uttered Wesley.
"No", but then he saw Mr Heah, lurking in the corner with a knife, stained with blood dripping from its blades end. When Mr Heah caught them looking, he hurriedly replied "i found it in the toilet!"
But it was too late, Mr Heah ran at Pn syamala with the knife and stabbed her - Wesley witnessed it and ran as fast as he could and hid in the girls toilet. "OH MY GOD, why would he do that!", Wesley screamed in his brain.

He waited till it was silent and wondered how many people had already died- why?!
But he knew Wesley saw him out of love he just couldnt take wesleys life just yet. Wesley ran to the carpark and saw Cho Chia's car engine running, he opened the door only to find Cho Chia dead with blood splattered all over the windows. All over his hands were cuts spelling 'welsey' 'wesley'. He heard a faint sound of the piano playing so he rushed towards the piano but as he was nearing it, it abruptly stopped. The 3am wind sent chills down his spine and a glimmer caught his eye. Wooi Nian lied dead on the piano-another one...gone. The white keys on the piano were decorated by dots of blood. Some how, just like Kino, Wesley heard music - the song of death. Sobbing like a baby he just fell on the floor, giving up.
He noticed something behind the piano, a hand! On the hand he saw a bracelet engraved
'SLSL'. He knew Soo Lip had drifted towards the obscure.
'why everyone but me! what does Mr heah want from me' he screamed in his head, who wasn't dead, who was the next victim when suddenly he remembered Yee Yean was absent- Yee Yean was at home! Immediately he dialled Yee Yeans number while looking for a place to hide. The phone line was dead. As he redialled, yee Yean's Body hung down right infront of him...smiling.
No no! it couldnt be! What is going on! He felt a tap. A cold hand crept over his neck and a voice said, "Wesley, we will be forever together. We will die together and spend eternity together. I love you Wesley. I ♥ you very much"
"Who could it be?", he thought.
Then, the scent of Mr Heahs cologne spread through the air and reached Wesleys nose...

To be continued...


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