Monday, 25 August 2008

Mabel and Honey's version of PROM NIGHT
you use our spoof, we'll sue you. COPYRIGHT BITCHES xD



One dark gloomy night, one day before SPM, Wesley was at McDonalds watching a football game...alone. With eyes glued to the TV, this innocent and ignorant being didn't know what fate had plan for him. In the shadows, something lurked, watching his every move...but he was to ignorant to notice. The eyes of the shadows followed his every sigh, every blink and every twist. The shadow crept closer and closer and Wesley felt hot breath near his neck. Reluctantly, his muscles move and collide as his pupils dilated and adrenaline rushed from his head to toe, then BAM! The table nearby fell. It brought him back to earth, they body he felt behind him was just his harmless loving teacher, Mr Heah.
"wesley, I never knew you were a football fan", Mr Heah asked tapping Wesleys shoulder.
"Hey Sir, Come and join me", as Wesley gestured to Mr Heah.
They both enjoyed the match till 4 am when Mr Heah Suggested that Wesley go home and get some sleep before the exam and wesley agreed. Mr Heah didn't take his eyes off wesley, like how a cat looks at a mouse. Wesley drove home and Mr Heah watched and gave him a grin before he himself drove to his regular life.

"Bringgg!" the school bell alarmed! Wesley just walked through the gates and ran as fast as he could to the hall for his SPM exam which was just about to start. He halted when he saw Mr Heah sobbing all by himself near the lockers.
"Good luck for your exam Wesley. You better hurry. I told the examiners to wait for my favorite student", Me heah said with a wink.
Wesley hurried down the hallway but his mind still wondering about Mr Heah. The exam started and he scrambled to his seat and as soon as his bottom touched the chair, the examiner said "YOU MAY START NOW".
Almost immediately cause it must have been immediately because Wesley didn't even puck up his pencil, Mr Heah screamed his name!

But it was only a dream; he scrambled out of bed and rushed to school but everything he dreamt seem to be coming true-Deja Vu! He trotted down for breakfast, expecting the same old milk and cereal but he has a visitor, the last person he expected to see! It was Ivan! He had come over to celebrate the victory of their favorite team and about a dream he had about a psycho killer trying to stab him in the chest. They decided it was too late to carry on the discussion in the house and decided that it would be better to start their journey in school. Their laughter turned into fear as they both suspected eyes burning holes in them. Mr Heah was i the car next to him. Driving at walking speed, he laughed maniacally and Wesley together with Ivan shrugged.

They reached school in the nick of time and ran to the hall just like Wesley's dream, Mr Heah was sobbing all by himself near the lockers. To his horror he hugged Ivan really tightly and blanked out. He wokr up in the exam hall. Someone had strategically placed him at his table...but who? How? His eyes frantically searching for Ivan, but he was no where in sight, shockingly in his hands he saw a note saying 'see me' signed by Mr Heah. He got up, all dizzy and made his way to Mr Heah's office by the deserted corridor. As he was dragging himself it was as if a force was pulling him and he just turned the knob of Mr Heah's office, he heard a sexy-saxophone jazz like music with the cooling effect from the air cond.
"Wesley, sit down, I have some bad news to tell you", said Mr Heah gesturing to the chair opposite him, "you see Wesley, Ivan has gone missing. He went to the toilet during his exam and never cam back. Do you have any idea where he is?"
Wesley gasped and immediately thought of places where Ivan could be hiding, could it be in the toilet? Janitors closet? Where? WHERE?!

to be continued...


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