Monday, 25 August 2008



part 2

"Well Wesley, if you know where he is, please tell me. his parents are very worried. you can go now"
As Wesley turned around, he swore he saw Mr Heah's face plastered with a subtle smile. Wesley shrugged it off and went to find his classmates- maybe they knew something he didnt. To his surprise he found Ivan's school tie -SOAKED IN BLOOD! But after further inspection, he realized it was just ink -ALOT of red ink. WOW! why would someone do that to Ivan, thousands of questions rushing through his head! He quickly climbed the stairs to his classroom and approached Nicholas to ask him if he knew anything about what happened to Ivan.
Nicholas was shivering and appeared pale, he uttered, "IiiiVaaannn...isss...Hung in...the Janitors closet"
Wesley rushed to the janitors closet and in his mind he kept telling himself it cant be. its not true. It wasn't until he smelt the stench and snowy white feet dangling down defying gravity. Ivan was gone - forever. Wesley broke down in tears attracting a crowd!
"There there Wesley, its ok. You better go back to class", said a sobbing Mr Heah.
His hands seem to be rubbing too much and it lingered on other parts of his body.

Wesley quickly got up and went to class quickly to find Nicholas. His feet seem to be dragging him and when he found Nic, he collapsed in his arms with many people witnessing it. Cho Chia, Christopher and Chou Yong gathered around to comfort Wesley. They all rolled their eyes because they thought that crying was a very sissy thing to do. Suddenly, Lin Kai came in class and told Nicholas that Mr Heah wanted to see him. Again?! he thought, what's up with him? He's starting to creep me out!

Wesley was having a conversation with his classmates when Johnny came in screaming "Nic is dead! Nic...OMG...Mr Heah! " and ran off before anyone could ask him anything. Mr Heah seemed to be wiping some liquid on his pants while in a daze.
"Mr Heah, where's Johnny? He said something about you and something about Nic being dead..sir" asked Wesley in panic. Surprisingly, Mr Heah was very calm and whispered comforting words to Wesley.

Wesley was walking to class when he heard a whimper coming from an empty classroom. Without hesitation, he kicked open the door, but all he could see was piles and piles of newspaper! And he heard a voice, "Wes..Wesley...It''". He followed the voice which slowly trailed off. And there he saw Johnny with blows to his head, bad bruises and laying in a pool of red thick blood. He told Wesley that he was attacked from behind and he couldnt see the attackers face but he smelt strangely like Mr Heah's cologne. Johnny somehow said that there was a witness who escaped...Lin Kai.

While dialing 911, Wesley searched every corner of the school to find that long lean figure. When he went to the toiler, the was Lin Kai brutally killed along with some of his friends, Christopher, Alex, Chou Yong and Melvin- All dead! All their faces were drowned in toilet bowls in different cubicles and on their bodies were colourful glitter. Wesley couldn't take it, it was too overwhelming, all his friends...dead - He blacked out.

By the time he woke up, he could see policemen everywhere and almost every student was evacuated. He saw Mr Heah standing in the distance looking at the school while talking to a policeman. All Wesley wanted to do was to get home because every living soul in the school is now a suspect. Mr Heah noticed Wesley and shot him a glance and started walking towards him and Wesley noticed Mr Heah wearing a familiar watch- Chee Chiang's watch! Wesley tried to evade him and kept walking because when Mr Heah was near, he could smell the smell of the halls of hospitals emitting from him...


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