Thursday, 5 February 2009

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you'd do almost anything for it ?
I have. And currently, the thing that I want most is to go to Parsons to study. It somehow seems that the world is against me for this.
Initially I was going to apply for spring 09(November) but they dont' offer foundation thn, and if you'd have to have 12 foundation credits if you want to...and in Malaysia to get 12 foundation credits in less thn a year it's kinda...impossible.
And I cant apply for Fall 09 (feb) because I don't have my spm results and I didn't have enough time to do a portfolio. Having spm kinda kills your inspiration.
So now all I'm left is applying for the Fall 10 (next year feb) application.
And it's not guaranteed that Im going to get in.
So If i do that, it's really a big risk. :
Now, another reason why parsons seems crazy, it's 5 yearss, one year being foundation obviously.
So, the fee's for parsons per year is about $50, 000
Which is about RM120, 000 ++per year
which becomes a total offff
RM120,000++ * 5 = RM600, 000++
And that's enough to do veterinary!
which I think is a little overpriced for arts school but I guess being the best arts school with a history of celebrity's okay?
Idontknowanymore ):