Sunday, 17 August 2008

Remember how I didn't want my immune system to fail me?
Ding ding ding ding
It has.
I have
a flu
a fever
a sorethroat

Awesome right?

First It was just the insomnia, now it has morphed into this.
I need sleep. I need rest. I need to relax. But can I?
I have:
Sejarah to complete
Add Math to complete
My script to write
Physics talk to go for
Editiorial stuff to complete

It always happens, the time that I need to be the well most, is the time I get the sick most. ==

So now, groggy and unable to concentrate, I;ve decided to blog.
I think maybe the glare of my computer screen will keep me awake? or wake me up?
Because I feel sooo groggy (damn medication) that I can and actually am about to drop dead and die, but I know if I sleep now, I can't sleep at night. gosh. gosh. gosh.


Sometimes I think the non-existant god hates me.


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