Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Ok, I read this book Somaly Mam which is the true story of a Cambodian who fled sexual slavery and now decodes her life to rescuing others.

I love reading books like this because it's just wonderful how people with the odds stacked against them manage to overcome it all to promote a better life for themselves and somehow spread a better and more humane world for others. It makes me appreciate life more and gives me hope that if they can do it when their life was so horrible, why not me ? And I have a great family who supports me through thick and thin. They had nothing. They didn't have material possessions that I have, they didn't have anything. All they had were the clothes on their back and a glimmer of hope to push on each day, to hope for a better tomorrow...to survive.

Anyways If you have read books like Chinese Cinderella and even after all this time, this book is a must read. And if you haven't read those two books, they must be read too. Seriously.

So this book basically talks about trafficking. How children are sold as sex slaves- raped, beaten, abused by 20 men each day. How virgins are sewed without anaesthetics and resold for weeks as "virgins" as in Cambodia they believe virgins can cure... aids? And some children start at the age of 8 and being to "small" men cut open their vuhjayjays with knifes. How horrible is that?! It's a real eye opener.

Please visit the sites to know more about this and how to help curb this horrible fate for millions of young women



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