Thursday, 15 January 2009

I can't believe that even in this modern day we are still facing discrimination. I really thought that hey maybe, just MAYBE that phase of the human race was over, that MAYBE we could all look at each other not as Indians, Malays, mamaks, Chinese, Muslim, christian and Hindu but as human beings. If you think about it, what makes you better than me? So you're tan and I'm fair- does that mean you're better? Or maybe you came across a fair person who was a fucking bitch from hell, does that mean that I am of the same kind? that I am a fucking bitch from hell? NO, because we are all individuals. We are each our own person with thoughts, rights and opinions. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO THINK ANY LESSER OF ME? Think about it, I have a heart, you have a heart. Cut me with a knife i bleed, stab you- you bleed! BIG SURPRISE. and if you're gonna discriminate the blood that flows in my veins, before you do, Its RED. the exact same colour of yours. I don't believe in god. I don't believe in faith. I don't think god exists because there's so much pain and suffering in the world which is really not needed- innocent children esp. People who don't deserve it. There is no god. There is only man. man who have made this world like this. and if there's this phony-baloney god la, why create religion ? why create colour? why create difference being the all-knowing-being that it would separate people when it is meant to unite! Why not make us all blue! hell, why even create gender! We could all just breed like unicellular organisms! I'm sorry if I offended anyone esp those who believe in God, please don't hate me- that's just my view. It's a touchy issue, I know. that's why i rarely bring it up.
I have been an object of discrimination left right and centre. It sometimes hurts so badly. I doubt many of you would understand. Being disliked just because someone assumed you Malay ( WHICH I AM FUCKING NOT! ) or someone thinks you're Indian. My mom told me when she was a kid she had no friends because she was mixed. She was neither a Chinese, an Indian or a Malay. Discrimination starts at home. If your parents do it, most likely you will too. What haven't I gone through, racial discrimination, gender discrimination AND religious discrimination. It's a very bad feeling being discriminated. You feel dirty. You feel disgusting. You feel worthless. You wonder what's wrong with you? but in reality that's not the right question, it's what's wrong with them. I understand if people want you to stay away from Indians because their supposedly "gangsters" or Malays because they'll "convert you" or Christians "because they believe in Christ". The reasons get more and more absurd. but it's their mindset, You cant blame them, but when is it going to stop? WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP. it's not like everyone who's Indian is a gangster or chinks are all lala's. COMMON. I really hate this. I really hate this. Words cant even explain how much this irks me, TOTALLY PISSES ME OFF! to everyone who has ever discriminated, FUCK YOU, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, GROW UP. If you want to hate someone, hate the whole fucking world- seriously. I am not a Malay, I am not a Chinese, I am not a christian, I am neither a man nor a woman, I am a human, respect me for who I am and not what i am supposed to be based on my gender, colour or religion. It is very simple. My religion is kindness. My race is equality. and my gender is insignificant.

Why do we seem destined to define ourselves with labels? Labels are mere words. If we want others to know what we are, why not show them? Show them through action. Actions still speak louder than words. I do not care if you are a Buddhist, a Muslim, a White, a Christian, a Hindu, a Black, a Jew, a follower of any countless other faiths, traditions, paths, colour, race or religions that are spread throughout this World.We are all one. One human family, one world, one universe. As the Dalai Lama says it, "All human beings come from a mother's womb. We are all the same part of one human family. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity." Only when we understand this, there would be no racism or religious discrimination or sexual discrimination.


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