Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ok, so I haven't exactly been blogging

because nothing interesting has happened lately.
THis is gonne be a random post. Ignore the scattered thoughts.

Yes, my life a boring (note the emphasis on BOHring)

It's the holidays, and yes, I SHOULD be studying right now, but I haven't. I'm so bored of studying, and forcing myself isn't gonna make anything go IN. Yaknowwahtimsaying?

so, here I am.



And I've lost my appetite!

I KNOW! isnt that just scary? I'm just not hungry. And im the person that really LOVES food. And now, I can't finish a plate of fried rice

*gasps in horror*

I don't know what's up with me...haish

And, lets see, what else?

Ive been UBER sleepy

I think my body is going "Honey, U have to study or die." So it has decided to DIE. :

I cleaned by room


I feel so CLEAN. it was too cluttered, I guess that's why I oculdnt study? Idk man, I still dont feel like studying. wait, does anyone ever?

*bangs head on laptop*


Weelll, on the plus side, I got my own song


I know all of you are probably jealous-dont be kayh, dont be :P HAHA

Credit goes to Rudy for that.


And I was online just now just randomly browsing through pictures on deviantart and I came across a mushroom BOOB with TITS


Its a mushroom shaped BOOB


Well, I got nothing else to post. sorry for the random stupid silly post. It happens


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