Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I wonder how, I wonder why
Written: All by me [Haneesha] bitches. Copy right, take any, I screw your ass.
I may be a drama queen
but at least I'm not a bitch
You always keep tearing me down
These wounds I have to stitch
Why I wonder
How I live
Surrounded in this so-called bliss
Hurting, bleeding from the inside
The pain it never seems to die
Slowly and steady everyday
Gathering up along the way
Hitting me with hard blows
Left and Right-that's how it goes
I wonder how
I wonder why
Were we put on this earth to suffer and die
Excruciating all the time
Sanity-I cannot find
Going out of my fucking mind
I wonder how
I wonder why
If there's ever a bright blue sky
If it's all some crazy lie
I wonder if I have a purpose
I wonder why it can't be seen
I wonder if I'll ever leave
forget my past
Die pretty while living fast
Leave this place
where I feel so unjust
Screaming out
I'm letting loose
Tie me down?
I refuse
I don't care what you say
I do things MY WAY
There's not changing that
So you better make it a well-known fact
Haneesha is
Who Haneesha be
And that's forever how it is perceived.


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