Tuesday, 1 July 2008

another day WASTED
I don't know why my body picked this week to get sick.
I don't enjoy getting sick, it's just that I get sick REALLLLY easily.
At home, everyone is so used to me being unwell that we actually have stock on all the common medications that I take so my doctors visits are well, less frequent.

Let me tell you how easy it is for me to get sick.

If I eat:
White Chocolate
Sour grapes

Ill get a sorethroat.

wth right?

Anyways, it started as a normal common cold on sunday afternoon. But usually it stops after a while but the KILLER cold got worse and it became *horror music* a never ending fuckeduply flu. seriously. and fine. whatever, jsut a cold. I usually go for this jog every sunday evening with my parents but didnt because:
1. IM INVISIBLE and was alone most of the day
2. I wasnt feeling to good annways
I decided that maybe a hot shower will help get rid of this *beep* [has been cenceored due to overlt sensative people] and when I got out of the shower, my throat felt FUZZY. oh whatever. I had ROTI CANAI and FISH CURRY for dinner and at about 10pm I felt lethargic and mum said it'll be better if I took Monday off. Fine, I did. and i was with a fever, flu and sorethroat the whole. and today TUESDAY Im still sick. wth. and i dont feel any better. I cant sleep and i feel so STUFFED. gahh *bangs head on table*

Not only am I sick and most things dont make sense
great. just great.


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