Saturday, 19 July 2008

15 weird things / habits / little known facts about Me

Tagged by Eivanne

1. I love spicy things
2. I Hate Bugs
3. I have low immunity and im anemic
4. I have an obsession with height
5. I can cook AND bake
6. I laugh too much
7. I tend to ground myself when I feel I have too much fun [weird I know]
8. I've gotten braces twice
9. I will be my schs valedictorian
10. I dont have stage fright
11. I can sing but I get shy
12.I'll be famous when I'm 21 [LOL]
13. I dont know what career Im gonna persue so Im gonna try to parasite of my mom and dad for as long as possible
14. I like tattoos and piercings not because I like to wear my earings but because I like getting pierced.
15. I love animals to death


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