Thursday, 24 July 2008


Ok, today that's what happened. I had my BM Lisan. And it's by ministry folk.
So you can imagine, I was nervous as hell-which is kinda normal for me. Those who have debated and/or have done public speaking with me would know how I get. For those who don't, allow to explain:

Stage one:
Waking up in the morning, wanting to go through stuff but say no. Clear my mind, stomach like jello, I shower have breakfast ( what i CAN eat) and leave for my destiny

Stage two:
In school or the place of my destiny, I infect everyone with my nerves and tell people what I know. You know, exchange thoughts and ideas and views and INFORMATION.

Stage three:
Walking around or standing up. I cant sit, if i sit my tummy will explode and butterflies will come fluttering out, so I stand and walk.

Stage four:
Yes, I know this is really weird, but being in the toilet before a speaking event helps me, I go. walk around, calm myself-it's basically a place wehre I can collect my thoughts and organize them and say "YO BITCH, U CAN DO THIS. YOUVE DONE IT BEFORE. NO BIGGIE"

Stage five:
Relaxation + Confidence


And stage one to stage five occurs within a time frame of 20 minutes.
Interesting right?

ANYWAYS, after completing stage one to five. I usually dont read anything or go through anything and I clear my mind outta everything and be neutral.
I got my topic, abt langkah langkah to improve the quality of water, so, I wasn't prepared for it but I knew somewhat about it. I read about pencemaran Sungai, I mean, sungai is where we get our sumber air mainly. Got my points, walked around and practiced. I mean, I have to organize my points.
I got called in the room. I wasn't nervous already. I was just saying to myself *dont say so...*
I have this bad habit of speaking BM and when I'm done i say "so..."
I gave the forms and my IC and stood there waiting to be asked to sit down. and they told me to sit, they looked at my IC and was like
"haneesha...(but these people can't see the H somehow so my name is pronounced as Hanisa), tinggal di, Jalan eDg...Ed..."
and i fnished it for her
"Jalan Edge*****. "
"Haneesha datang ke sekolah bagaimana?"
"oh ok...Mengapa haneesha pilih sekolah sri pinang"
(or something like that)
"Ini tahun pertama saya di sekolah ini. Saya rasa Guru di sekolah in lebih mahir dalam mengajar and kelas-kelas lebih kecil-oleh itu setiap pelajar mendapat lebih tumpuan daripada cikgu dalam setiap subjek" ( or something like that)
"oh, ok. Saya baca soalan"
She read the question and went silent.
So I asked
"boleh saya bermula?"
Shes like "boleh"
So, I spoke, I basically said that:

Firstly, We have to tighten and enforce the law daari segi perindustrian dan segi individu.what i meant by perindustrian is that, with perindustrian theres pollution, and they usually throw their sisa toksik into the water or rivers which are our sumber air, so to curb them we have denda. Dari segi Individu, I meant that when theres perindustrian, there will also be migrasi penduduk antara negeri dan nergara and dengan migrasi, there's bound to be more rubbish and prolly they'll throw it in the sea or river.

Secondly, because of all the migrasi like i said, the people would need a special place to throw rubbish, so to avoid all sorts of things being thrown in our water sources, we should have a specific place for it.

Thirdly, more dams(empangan). Like the air itam dam, the dam water is clean and filtered so, it hindari dari penyakit and u know the water is clean (i mean DUH)

Lastly, more alat penapic air, so that the water is filtered and definately clean can be sourced to homes.

I was done and I kept silent. Prepared for questions and they're like, ok u can go :
I was like Whatthafark, no questions?!
I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. And I was the fastest to finish.

*que horror music*

It could be bad because:
I was totally outta topic that they were wtfark-ed by me and didn't want to torment themselves

It could be good because:
I covered everything and was fluent that there was no need to ask anything extra.

Anyways, that part was over. We got our second topic which is a forum/perbincangan
So, we decided to stick to perbincangan.
The topic was:
"Industri Pelancongan will make lots of profit, discuss."
So we discussed. and went into the room. and talked and talked. Me, Ivan and Chris kinda talked abit but Yee Yean was absolutely silent. And I think he panicked and brain froze or something. So, that was done for, and we came outta the room.

THe oral had finished, wheeee.
We can go home and it was only 9.30am :D
gotta love it
I THINK I did well.
What's ur opinion? leave it on the Tagboard if u have one


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