Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Yes, it is 7.31 AM and I'm blogging. Isn't it a wonder why I'm doing so?

Well, it all started on Monday I guess.

You how IM trying to be HEALTHY and do JOGS and junk, well on Monday I think somehow I overdid it. I jog about 3 times a week since July at the Air Itam dam, now most of my non-existant readers would be like, eww, that places is gross- WELL ITS NOT! It's really serene and peaceful and clean. and there's like little turtles (ok, maybe not so little) swimming in the dam and my mom told me she spotted a snake before. Ok, anyways, Ive been tryna go faster and faster each week right to build up my non-existant stamina and I did pretty good this time, and I was proud of myself. Im a yoga/pilates freak and I do these stretches every morning, after I come home from school, before I shower and before bed. They're really simple stretches, nothing too extreme-just destresses me I guess. ANYWAYS, after my jog on monday, I did my usual stretches and showered. My left calf felt abit sore and in my mind i was happy
"whoo, my legs are sore, it's all good"
I mean, you know after a long run when something hurts you feel like u ran? and did something? Well, maybe that's just me... The next day, I didn't go to school and as usual, start of the day with Stretches, and calf felt a bit weird, I ignored it. Maybe it'll last a day or do. It was a very productive tuesday, I studied alot. Good ol' studies. Maybe I didn't study as much as I SHOULD have but hey, at least I studied, gotta give me credit for that. That nght before I slept, my left calf felt, sprained. And now it got to me
"oh shit. this is bad. shouldnt be hurting that bad" and Im a paranoid person. so, many other thoughts went through my mind "what if im cacat, what if it gets worse on thursday, what if I miss my BM ORAL EXAM "

I ran (maybe not RUN la, more of a limping walk, but if I said I walked limp-ly it would sound chun, so for the sake of chun-ness, I will say RUN) to the medicine cupboard downstairs and frantically searched for deep heat cream. You know, for muscle sores. I've torn my ligament before, so sprained muscles- WE'RE PREPARED.

THERE WAS NO DEEP HEAT. it was finished.

*que horror music*

SO, fine, I used the deep heat patch, it was...well weird and I just slept-la.

I dreamt of megan fox dying : Bad bad dream
I cant remember most of it but I remember waking up at night and saying, "megan fox cant die. no, she wont" and sleeping back. so I ASSUMED she died.
that's megan fox btw

I woke up this morning as usual, just chillin on my bed forawhile, breathing, getting my wake-up on, I moved my leg got out of bed, GAHH. the pain. Sometimes, you know, these sprains, when you wake up initially after not using ur legs or that particular muscle for a long time, you get this pain but it'll go after u walk it off? So i tried that and I did my stretches and it still hurt. I decided to have my breakfast first before I showered, and I did. My mom saw my leg and limp and I told her I'd have to walk up to put my bag in class, walk down for IT, walk up for Math, Walk down for physics and bio, walk up for lunch and walk down to go home. This, seemed straineous for my poor poor left calf muscle.

Mom found the calf thingy, brace is it? idk, forgot...WELL ITS 7.45am-Im excused for forgetting.

She managed to find a small teeny weeny packet of deep heat, rubbed my leg with it and put the brace thingy thing on it. She said if there's nothing on today, Id better rest and study at home so that I can go for the oral tomorrow (Thursday). I double checked with Ivan if the oral was tomorrow or today (paranoia) and Now I'm home. Awake, with stuff on my leg.

Front view

Side View

So, now I cant sleep coz I full of breakfast and since I've gotten my wake-up ON I gotta try to get LOL. idk la. WEll, thats basically it. Sucks man...I cant walk up or down. I think I need a wheelchair (overdramatic much)

So, just to IMPROVE my BM for my oral tomorrow, I will now translate it in summary in BM.

Hari Isnin ni, I peigi Jogging, pastu saya balik dan kan buat exercise, Baik tau untk badan. Tapi, selepas I ni Buat senaman saya, kaki saya ni sakit. I tak kisa la, buat apa...babitol. So, I ni, tak peigi sekolah ari Selasa sebab tak ada subjek berfaedah, lebeh baik I ni tinggal kat rumah dan belajak sendiri. Tapi malam ari selasa tu, Kaki saya lebih sakit, I ni nak bubuh ubat tapi dah habis, so I gunala ubat lain. Pagi ari Rabu, kaki saya lebih sakit. Mak kata lebih baik I duduk kat rumah, belajar dan reatka kaki saya ni. Oleh itula, I ni, sekanag di rumah buat semua benda benda ni. Takda kerja lain, kan baaru makan, mana bole tido balik? Kesianje. Babitol kaki ni.

LOL. sorry, decided to ry the slang on.

Think I did good? comment ur opinion in my tagboard. luv yas!


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