Sunday, 22 June 2008

So my birthday this year was wayyyyy OTT

I first got a laptop from my parents (my sister got a laptop AND a car ==..but shes older...soo..)

thn I got to go to Club Med and since it was my brithday the CHEF made a cake specially for me and the whole staff clapped and claapped from god knows where to my table and sang me a birthday song. :D and i had to drink i glass of wine. WHOO :D

After Club Med,that saturday, I went to Gurney coz I dont knw why but my mom wanted me outta the house. So I decided to get my hair washed for absolutely no reason..and I did.

My hairstylist name was

ELVIS. seriously.

Anywho, I was hanging with Mahesh, david, Aliq(i think) and eventually Kesh. Some people DITCHED ME but hey, who needs em anyways.

I came home right and when I entered my house, Ranj, May, Steph and Alan popped outta nowhere!

Turns out they have been planning with my mom this suprise thing.

So theres my cake. and it was grat catching up with them and eating icing and cake and more icicng and chachos and and making smores and stuff. lol. it was great so a BIG THANK YOU GUYS!

AAAND (yes there's more) I was in time to catch the Hannah Montana concert in 3D!

And it wasnt 3D == I know right now youre like "wtf, haneesha watches hannah montana?!"

No, i just wanted to see how 3D it is.

This is spongebob nude. Anybody wanna guess who drew it? BEAUTIFUL no?


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