Monday, 2 June 2008

I never tot it would be so hard to give up the little kitten I rescued. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life and I'm not being over-dramatic. I really loved that kitten from the moment I laid eyes on him.

Picture: The second day when he started eating on his own.

I found him at my school, on Tuesday, Christopher told me that there was a half dead kitten behind the school there. And I was basically left in horror. Omg, a poor baby kitten, half dead, suffering! gosh. I needed to save its little life. every single life is worth saving I feel- so after school I rushed to my moms car and asked her if I could take the kitten home. And I remember I was nearly in tears just thinking about him. Chris showed me, his poor little body, so weak he couldn't even stand up! I gently lifted him to my tummy and walked to my cat. His little mews were heard-but I knew it was a plea of help. I took him to the vet, gills of course, and they told me that he had bite wounds, probably from a bigger cat and that it was infected. So, I took him home and that was that. He had some medicines and stuff and it was all good. He refused to eat on the first day and we had to force feed him for energy. He got better and started to move a little, move a little walk a little and all that. He got better and better and started eating ALOT. Trust me, for his little body even I was shocked. I went to the vet for his checkup and the doc was like, I think he has worms. Now, I knew why he was eating so much-it all made sense. Doc gave him a pill and he pooped all the worms out. He got better than he was before. He could run, he could jump and he was as cheeky as ever.
He would run, jump play and I knew he loved us as much as we loved him. sometimes, you just know. He would crawl up on my lap or in the corner of my shirt in the smallest place and cuddle up to sleep. Totally cute! He also would explore places and get stuck. Like, he went under the shoe rack, and couldn't get out and he went behind the door WHEN IT WAS OPEN and couldn't come out. hahah-super cuteness!
Picture: Hiding under the sofa.
Mom wanted me to find a place for him to stay at, get him a good home because we lived in an apartment. It's big la-helllow it's double storey, but it's missing a garden-so with a heavy heart I posted his picture on this website, and a few others. I was kinda glad that no one wanted him. He could be MINE. My itty bitty kitty! Mom said we should give him to the SPCA, so we went on Saturday and I had prepared myself not to cry-I don't enjoy crying, i think it shows that I'm weak, and the SPCA was closed. It looked BAD, like wtf-this-is-the-SPCA bad. We took him home. I kinda tried hating him, like, I HATE U KITTY hate. so that it wouldn't hurt. And on Sunday, I loved him again. He would cuddle and just do the cutest things like sleeping on a slipper. I didn't want to give him up, I couldn't. I loved him too much, these 12 days were priceless. But I knew I had to.
On Sunday was the hardest for me and my sister. especially the evening. I knew in a matter of hours, he would be going...And it hurt me so bad-I don't know how he was gonna take it. My little Khan. I let him do whatever he wanted to. kissed him, hugged him, cuddled him, played with him and it was all bittersweet.
Picture: He slept in front of the bar, regular alcoholic!
When my parents went up for bed, he meowed for attention, i knew he wanted to be cuddled. So i did, I put him on my lap in my sisters room and held on to him for an hour ish. He dreamt. And it was so cute. He moved around, turned, meowed, sniffed, scratched, all in his dreams. At that moment I just wanted to hide him in my room and make sure no one could find him and he'll be with me. I put him in his cage and he woke up. I lay on the floor next to his cage until he slept. I wanted this moment to remember, I wanted him to feel loved and know it. I got up in the morning, well, I didn't exactly sleep early (4am early for you?) and got up at 7. I just didnt want to get up, I knew what was gonna happen. I showered and went down, I saw the little thing playing. My heart sank. I imagined him growing up here, sleeping on my bed, we were gonna be best wasn't happening. Oh why didn't I live in a house... I said my last goodbyes to him, put him in his cage and it was off to school. That was it. The last I saw him. after school, I hoped in my heart, a faint hope, that MAYBE mom didn't give him to the SPCA and she couldn't do it! and he was at home-waiting for me! I went into the car and waited. silently. Waited. thn I asked my mom, the cat? and she said she had given him to the SPCA. :( :( :(

I was on the verge of tears and held it in. I came home and saw my sister, she gave me a hug and that was it, tears jsut started flowing down. He was my little baby, my hope and my joy. the colour in my black and white world. My sis asked me, "whats wrong" and i said " i want my kitten back" and walked up the stairs and straight to my bathroom. And I sat there, crying, silently. I wanted him soo much! I loved him soo much! Even the thought of him not with me and with the SPCA people is killing me. I will survive, but, it's gonna be hard. Everywhere I look now is reminding me of him, and his little things. the cute things he used to do. He was more than a cat, he was family.

To the best kitten in the world. May you find a good home with people who love you as much as I do. If I ever move into a house, you're the first cat I'd adopt again! Love my little Khan, pooper, kitty, b.


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