Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Featured Friends on Friendster:

I really don't get what the big deal abt having yourself or someone else featured on the friendsters featured friends. I mean, they're just some of the people from my long list of friends whom are shown, common, isn't the fact that you're my friend [and i don't approve just ANYONE] on my list a happy thing. Well, I need to explain the reason why some of my friends are on my featured friends

1. Natasha

Natasha is my sister, obviously. So, she MUST be there. and since I look up to her like a role model, she's my NUMBER 1

2. May

May has been in my life since standard 4, and we've shared our bitter sweet moments. Still, after all this time, we're friends-we overcame the best friend curse too :D

May: "Imma bring you as my one and only :)"

3. Kesh

He's there because...we bug the hell out of each other on most days...and it's fun

4. Mahesh
My little god brother! He must be there! After what he did for the prank calling- I feel so aww-ed
*read below for good deeds*

5. Senyor Kane

He's just there coz I don't have the heart to kick him off. I mean, I can't be mean to my once was driver right? [I know he isn't gonna read this]

6. Ivan
Ivan is my schoolmate and we get each other.


[]iVaN[] says:
oh and i saw dat pussywhoserealnameis*beep*'s comment on *beep*s frenster
[]iVaN[] says:
he's like *beep* i *beep* u wit her also
[]iVaN[] says:
[]iVaN[] says:
dere was also de we must go out wit*beep*also of course
[]iVaN[] says:
i felt like sending heroopsimeanhim a comment "hey bitch, jump off a cliff and fuck off"

so, there you have it.


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