Friday, 16 May 2008

Sejarah Kills. Say no to sejarah. Tak nak!
Phew! Thank god it's Friday!

ONE WEEK OVER and ONE WEEK LEFT TO GO (well, to be precise, four days over and four more days to go)

Chemistry paper 1
Chemistry Paper 2
and chemistry paper 3
Chemistry is seriously VERY confusing
Paper one and three weren't too bad but paper two was HORRIBLE. and conveniently it carries the most marks ==
So, If i get 50 for chemistry I'll be overjoyed...Talk about aiming low. well, this means only one thing, ive gotta study more. Yes, I neglected chemistry for this exam...So...last minute-ing - not a good idea ==
BM paper 1
BM paper 2
Sejarah paper 1
BM paper one and two were ok. Being a person who has never really scored in BM, being able to answer and actually spot mistakes and stuff its just such a confidence booster.
teacher actually scared me that day...[note: this is a perasan moment]
"Haneesha I want to ask you, why you go and write you novel like that?"
at this point my heart sank
"Uhrm, why? Did I do it wrongly?"
"Nono, answer me, why u write like that?"
omg. I lost 15 marks for novel essay. FIFTEEN MARKS.
"uhr, is there any other way to write it?"
"nono, you wrote the best in the class!"
I was walking on sunshine that day...gosh...It felt so good that my hard work paid off :)
I got 84 for bm btw. A1 BABEH
Sejarah was ok, I was kinda bummed...I dont think I read enuff :\
English 1
English 2
Sejarah 2
English one and two were good. again, i wrote alot about the novel part. About Juannnaaaaaa. lol. I knew stuff man! Gotttaaa love the english man...But i must say im not so confident in spelling...i've become dependant on spell check. damn. I blame kinder garden.
Sejarah two...gosh...I am sooo disappointed. I felt like I knew NOTHING. I worked hard for it but all my hard work became mush in my brain and it was a
I tried to write alot for my sejarah essay, but I think I screwed up. I listed not all the points about masyarakat jahiliah :( I dowannna loose 15 marks!
My aim for sejarah was to get 80...but...I doubt I can...if i get 70[which was my aim for BM] i guess it'll balance out.
Math 1
Math 2
Economics 1
Math was like ok I guess. I still need more practice. A bit rusty. Paper one was ok, Paper two a little bit tougher than I imagined it to be. But hopefully *crosses fingers and toes* I'll get an A.
Since I ain't taking economics for my SPM, I CAN GO HOME EARLY. I must say, Sri Pinang is relly awesome in that sense, they're not overly strict like some schools *cough*cls*cough* and their rules are reasonable. So I got the green slip [a green slip is like this permission slip that enables you to leave school] from Ivan's STASH (which is only supposed to be for emergency use :P ) and went to get Mr. Heah to sign it before Mr. Siaw does. I feel that Mr.Siaw has been a bit on the edge these few if he's PMS-ing. Idk man...kinda scared of him. So, I tot it'd be a better idea to get Mr. Heah to sign first-the HIGHER authority... so me afiq and ivan walked around for a bit looking for Mr. Heah and decided lets just go see the principal. I was a bit sceptical about seeing her la, I mean, she IS the principal. Scared. LOL. [note:CLS has instilled fear in teachers who are nice for a change is a read shocker] and she was pleasant and Mr Heah said we'd have to get Mr. Siaw to sign first. Afiq and Ivan gave me their green slips and I had to face the wizaarddd :
"Good afternoon Mr. Siaw, Mr Heah said since we're not talking economics we can leave school earlier"
lol. i was proud of myself-very smooth and it explained everything. Mr Siaw didnt even need to ask furthur. I realize when I want something or when I'm talking to teachers, I use my sweet/innocent school girl voice-gets em everytime [or maybe I'm jsut being perasan and they're just nice...nawh, I;m sticking to the perasan one] Got em sign and left schoool for...GURNEY with mom obviously.
We went there to collect our iron man tickets , and eat lunch, I ATE RICE-my braces dont hurt anymore. whoppie. food-watch out, Honey's teeth are back in biznez!
I came home and here I am now, blogging instead of sleeping. LOL.


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