Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Look at this picture. take a minute to take it all in. Ok, What do you see?

Do you see:-

1. Two poor people digging for food?

2. two Gross people beyond reason

3. Two environmentally aware people

The answer is 3. I see these people by my apartment everyday going to the trash and separating out plastic from paper and glass from polyester. I always see him, at least once a week! And it got me thinking, wow-he's such a good person. If only people in this world were more like him. I mean we're actually killing ourselves little by little every single day. Isn't that scary? in 50 years we would've damaged the earth so badly that it would be irreversible. When I said be more like him, I don't exactly mean go through other peoples trash to separate it-I myself wouldn't be able to do that, bug phobia-very horrible bug phobia. I stress on very.

I watched the inconvenient truth, US is one of the few countries which are the main contributors to this. They're doing their best to stop it now-or so I hope. I hoped that they're all going "oh shit"-if u catch my drift.

I was reading Pn. Shobhana's blog that day and she had this post about how the world has changed. when she was a kid she could run around and not worry about being raped, killed, held for ransom. and it's actually kind of sad. I don't want my kids (if i ever get married. I think I'll be single with a lot of cats, living on the other side of the street and scaring children into thinking I'm a witch) to grow up in such a world. I don't want to see the world to crumble as it is now.
Have people become so self-obsessed that they have forgotten about others except themselves? Have people become so materialistic?
It's so sad that everyday someone is contributing to it in one way or another. Some may even laugh at my blog and forget its seriousness. Imagine i 50 years, no snow, no polar bears, probably another ice age. you see water in the ocean flows in such a way that it is cooled and heated cooled and heated bla bla bla and if the ice were to melt it might cause the heated water to cool-hence causing it to freeze. When it's frozen, how will the water move? Water is such that it needs to find its own level. And if every single year the water rises 1cm (which it was mind you-i think its more now) in a few years, Penang wouldn't exist. Doesn't that scare you? We right essays in class about this, we learn about topics we hear of it but WHY AREN't WE DOING ANYTHING?

So people-ANYONE who is reading my blog now please do these following things that I got from climatechange's website.

1. clean and replace filters in the air conditioner -by practicing this simple act you can get more out of your Air conditioner and save up to 350 POUNDS of carbon dioxide yearly.

2.Replace incandescent light bulbs with a compact fluorescent light bulb- you use 60% less energy. Less energy= better for environment

3. Buy energy star products

4. Use less hot water-seriously people! Hot water releases carbon dioxide. You can save up to 350 pounds of carbon dioxide by doing so. or if you're really a hot-water-addict install a low flow shower head.

5.Turn off electrical devices when you're not using them - this is directed to Keshav. STOP LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER ON! every single electrical device that u use releases greenhouse gases. By just turning of something LIKE A COMPUTER you can save THOUSANDS of pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. THOUSANDS.

6. Unplug devices when not using them- even though you're not using the devices, anything plugged in still uses energy, just lower. and that spews 18 million of carbon dioxide yearly.

7.RECYCLE- all u have to do is simple. When you use something that can be recycled put it aside from your regular trash, and visit a recycling centre (I'm yet to find one. when i do ill add it up)

8. Buy recycled products- It uses up to 60%-70% LESS energy than regular products

9. Plant a tree- I'm seriously gonna start doing it when I find the time. Even if you plant a tree on your birthday you can make a difference. ONE TREE.

10. Switch to green power- Ok, Malaysia uses dams and stuff to generate electricity so, were good. (i researched)

11.Buy locally grown products- it reduces transport energy. So, Australian grapes and all that-GOTTA GO.

12buy fresh products instead of frozen- frozen products uses 10 times MORE energy. Frozen roti cannai and all GOTTA GO.

13.Stop using polystyrene.-Seriously, I wish Malaysia would just ban it like Indonesia! I mean, If Indon can do it why can't we? Esp for school camps. School camps always pack food in poly. carries. if all the schools in Malaysia stopped it'll make a big difference. If McDonalds stopped, i think the whole issue would be solved. seriously. STOP MC DONALDS STOP GODDAMNIT!

Isn't our government supposed to do something about these issues? I want Cleaner beaches-cant we have a rule for that? I want a change. I want a better future! Instead, they re calling each other names in Parliament-MATURE. (i think i have more brains than the whole cabinet put together) I wish I had one week to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I would do so much to stop this nonsense.

So i please I BEG everyone, do something about it :(


Not for me, for this world. and if not for the world- for me ? :D

Spread the word to everyone.

On a happier note:

And happy birthday gramma :D


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