Thursday, 1 May 2008



After years of begging and practically rolling on the floor squirming for it- I finally now have a laptop. my own. MINE. ALLL MINE. no more sharing.
I got the Dell inspiron 1525 in red.
other than that my life has been pretty much the same.

School had some retarded tabung haji field trip that day, I COULDN'T go coz I was absent and didn't get some permission nonsense. Not like I wanted to anyway. Do you really think I'm gonna waste my time at some lame-ass thing. Nah uh. So i stayed in school. I was the only form 5 in school at that time. It didn't feel really different-i was kinda shocked time passed by so quickly in the library. ah, the library. I was there doing my work when the library teacher, Shobhana was there. TEACHER-STUDENT BONDING :P
I must say, she is one cool teacher (no sarcasm) She showed me her blog weii!
I mean, shes hot! if u get what i mean.

Well, the guys came back and we had add math. I SWEAR MR SIAW SOUNDS LIKE A WIZARD!
Then we had economics. I kinda felt bad for Shamala. I mean, Alex was practically shouting at her. you could see it in her eyes how much she despised us. I felt bad. Really bad. I mean, i cant imagine, teaching a class like mine. If alex would've don't that in CLS, he would've gotten into deep shit. I know she isn't the best or nicest person around-but sometimes we gotta be the bigger person. Especially when dealing with ppl older than us. And she was sick. She tried teaching but no one was paying attention. I can predict what's gonna happen for mid term, the class is gonna get their results and blame her for not teaching, when in reality, they weren't listening. haish. even though I'm not taking economics for SPM, I paid attention that day. gosh. Whats happening to me...I'm suddenly nice to...TEACHERS :

The rest of my life is pretty normal.

I hope i can go get my brows done tomorrow. I think if i don't do it soon, by June i will have a UNI BROW*AHHH* exaggeration :P
uni brows are bad man. reallly. they're like

"hey whats that on your forehead man?"
"oh, that's just my brows"

jeng jeng jeng
*horror music*


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