Sunday, 4 May 2008

World Music Fest

My fridays were pretty much normal. I really wanted to go school I REALLLY DID. I wanted to go for add math (and the curse for 7 generations that Wooi Nian put on me if I didn't go to school on friday...holy cursed) but sadly I had this swollen gum. PITY ME. at first I tot, maybe it's because of the weather and my water intake, so I drank more water. That did not help at all-infact it just caused more bathroom breaks. I went to a normal doctor and he told me to see a dentist. So I went tot see my dentist, Dr. Tan. I dont know why people are afraid of doctors. I really have no problem going to see one. Infact, doctors are friends, not food. (wtf...)

I susppected maybe it was because I have a wisdom tooth. I AM full of wisdom. eh. eh. And...IT WAS. The top tooth was biting into my lowerjaw where the wisdom tooth is and hence causing an ULSEERRRR. jeng jeng jeng. so he trimmed my tooth, the end. IM ALLL BETTER NOW.

After the whole dentist episode, I went for the


and may I just say it was the BOOMMMBB.

People who went, me, sis, faris, mahesh, nazim, amin and some of my sisters classmates which I'm not sure how to spell their names so...yeah :D

There were altogether 6 performances.

Our line up was

1.Dya Singh (Australia/Penang)

2. Bafta Tojours (USA)

3.Kumpulan Dendang Anak (Terengganu)

4.Mono Blanco (Mexico)

5.Afenginn (Denmark)

6. Salem Tradition (reunion Islands)

First there was:

1. Dya Singh

DAMNNNN, he was good. He had a blend of punjabi music with the bongos and stuff and his two daughters were singing and stuff and he had white guys playing guitars and the dickeridoo? or however u spell it. that looonnnggg thing that makes the eouweeuoweueowueowuweoeuwoe sound. Somehow, it made the hairs on my hand (oops, I just waxed, no hair) Stand (if i had any).

2. It was supposed to be the Usa group but they were stranded in an airport so ireland swapped places with them.

The irish music was so leprehaun ish!

I was like ...."I'm in ireland, lads"


3.Kumpulan Dendang Anak

ok, when they were getting on stage and the lights were dimmed, they all looked like mini ju-onns.

I couldnt really see much, everyone was hogging the stage area and I stood up. nothing much was going on. I sat back on the ground and appreciated the music. Lol. In otherwords, being blur. :D It was good, abt puteri gunung ledang :D

4. Mono Blanco

Oh god, this was never ending man. It was the same kind of mexican music. I was like-GOD TAKE ME. It was nice, no doubt, but after 20 minutes of listening to the same kind of music(it was for an hour plus mind you). So, I did other activites and shouted randomly "nachos" "burrito" "ayekaramba" "ariba ariba" LOL!

5. Afenginn

They were gooooood! I really enjoyed their peformance! really woke me up!
LOVEEE THEM! and all of them were cute. not hot cute but really CUTE!
They made the music fast than slow fast again and we had to clap along. and this guy on the guitar went fasstt thn slow thn fast! awesomeness

6. Salem Tradition

Woah, their voices and peformance was the best for the night! as the saying goes, save the best for last. It was brilliant! they were happy, they danced, they singed, they swapped instruments and played, they interacted with the audience a whole lot. reallly freakkinnn awesome.

I had an awesome time there. I really wish I could go for it again!

I can't wait for next years :D

And that area where the show was had was sooo amazing. greenery surrounding you.

The earth, trees, a big stage with lighting effects and 3 huge-ass speakers but somehow calm at the same time.


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