Tuesday, 10 June 2008


1. We got Boobs
2. We know how to colour-coordinate ANYTHING
3. We Give birth (lol)
4. We can wear skirts AND pants
5. We can make them (guys and occasionally girls) Beg
6. We can wear make-up (covering zits etc)
7. We can choose from THOUSANDS of dresses
8. We can wear coloured contact lenses without looking like a FAG
9. We make them buy stuff for us and not feel bad
10. We can wear expensive things (like diammmoonnd rings)
11. We shop with the money they earn
12. We don't have grose facial hair that we have to shave nearly everyday
13. We can make up for cheating (by some kissing LOL)
14. We get free drinks at night clubs ( ladies nighhtt)
15. We don't get seduced easily
16. We can look taller by wearing heels (:
17. We don't speak like MELVIN
18. Chromosome has more chance of becoming a FEMALE
19. We don't have to prove we're better coz we are
20. We're more mature
21. We can cry to get our way
22. On dates, guys usually pay
23.We don't have to make the first move
24. We can do any kind of hairstyle
25. It's embarrassing to be under a girl (ranks, jobs...)
26. We don't get turned on DOWN THERE that easily
27. We have self control at a party
28. Guys cant do prostitution and earn well
29. Gigolos have NO BUSINESS
30. We just look fine

The best reply the guys could think of was

"at least we don't bleed once a month"


Refer to #19


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