Thursday, 19 June 2008

My awesome holiday!

Well, we won this trip for two to Club Med Cherating from Volvo and a free use of a Volvo XC90 *getting jealous alex xD * for 7 days. So my parents decided since they won two passes to club med, they might as well bring me and my sis (and pay for us obviously) and drive that awesome car to Kelantan. So-that's exactly what we did. We left on friday. Incase people who don't know what Club Med is, it's this exclusive club that u have to join and be a member of to enter. It cost on average RM800/pernight for a normal room one bed etc

DAY 1&2

Well I dont want to bore my non-existant readers with how I went for the trip to summarize the first 2days it was basically.

Wakeup-bathe-mcD-fetch grama-go Kl-shop-sleep-wake up-shop somemore-sleep-wake up.

DAY 3 onwards

We left KL for Kelantan. The trip was on the windy road and we went on the very scarry supposedly very haunted KARAK HIGHWAY *screams of terror*

and it wasnt that scary. I expected creepy trees and graveayrds or something! But it was like any other highway except for the fact that theres thick fog at night. So, I guess thats when the ghosts come out *i read too many singapore true ghost stories*

We reached kelantan and my mom lived in Kelantan when she was little and it was like a walk down memory lane for her. Loads have changed but she found her standard one school and her kindergarden :D

We thn went to...this...cempedak was it..teluk cempedak. and my gosh, IT WAS GORGEOUS. the sand was white like powder and it was soo soft. and it was CLEAN. CLEAN. omg. compared to the murky grey waters in penang that we have dubbed the ocean, that was HEAVEN. wowwww. We walked abit there and had CHEESY wedges in the KFC near by *24 hours wei*. We decided to find a hotel nearer to club med coz that's where we would be heading the next day. And there were really DODGY hotels in Kelantan. And some have such nice names like Mermaid inn but it looks like a place where someone will kill you while u sleep. and im NOT joking. We settled in this RM950.00 a night room at Eastern Pavillion Holiday Villas. And it was worth every penny. I mean, WE HAD OUR OWN PRIVATE POOL WITH JACUZZI. how more aweosme can it get?

Thn there was a thnder storm and BOOM lightning BLACKOUT. just as we were abt to go to the restaurant for dinner. bloody hell. BUT I SAVED THE DAY by having my supply of snacks, KIT KAT, Famous amos cookies, Dodol. :D Im good. i know. and thn it was NEARING midnight and guess whatt

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. So, a special thanks to all who wished me. In order:

Honey! I wanted to be the first to wish you at 12. But i'm quite certain im falling asleep. so just incase i do, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day hun. And lots and lots of presents! Love you till infinity. XoXo

Birthday!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (insert fancy message here)

May Sheng:
Happy Birthday HONEY! We've officially been through thick and thin for 7 years ( I know, that's long) And we'll keep growing strong (will we grow old, grey and saggy).You're the best bitch I can ask form thanks for having my back no matter how small or stupid a deal it is. You know ive got you too. My girl ;D I love you truckloads. XOXO P.s. have a great time aite? I know you will :)

Hey, Happy Birthday dear! May God Bless you, may all your wishes cum true, n may u always b happy!
Happy Birthday Honey...sory din wish u on time cuz i fell asleep.. Lolx.. Hv a fantastic day honey! xD
Shu Yong:
Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Happy Birthday Honey! X) *big gigantic bear hug* Luv Ya! Take care! hehe...
Chee Chiang:
Honey.. Happy birthday! =)
Happey Buffday =)
May all ur wish come true
Have a wonderful day
Hi honey, wishing u 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' May god bless you and give you more happiness throughout your life
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you darling very much. From grandma Z.
Harcharan(don shoot):
Happy birthday
Hey Hun hapie burfday. Enjoy yr holiday thr kays. Once again happy 17th.
Happy bday to you...Muaxxx
Uncle Imtiaz:
Happy birthday 17 onwards to a good life.
Uncle Shaniz:
Happy Birthday! Tried to call u but you didnt answer. Have a great day!
Alex Khoo:
Happy Birthday, honey bunny.
Hey... Happy Birthday!
Hey u, hepi buttday, hehe, em, hepi birthdayyy
Happy Birthday super honey!!! :) :) :)
I had miss calls from Farhan and Nav and Mahesh
Sorry didnt answer was in club med, phone was in the room and i dont think reception is that good either.
Hey there, droppin u a msg to wish u a very happy bday :-)
Hello babe. Happy birthday ;)
Hey sexy...Im kinda late but hey dear happy birthday girl... hehe x x
Happy bday
Alan [dude]:
Being the first who wishes. why nnot be the last. Happy birthday hun.
Omfg...I totally forgot..! Happy belated birthday, Honey!! I'm so sorry for not wishing you, I had credit but I wasnt sure if it was your birthday si u checked my mail for reminders and it was true! may god bless you!
Happy Birthday Honey.......may god bless u and safe u from all a wonderful birthday.......=)
I was in Club med. GORGEOUS CLUB MED.
I did all sorts of activities, sailing, archery, trapeze, some bounce thing, henna, dancing, drinking, sitting on a train, swimming. and there were alot more activities to do!
During dinner on the 16th the whole staff of club med came and clapped and sang me a birthday song and the chef actually made a cake for me. Vids and pics will be up soon. :D
Pics'll be up soon.


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